Our Story

Ultra Soap International

Ultra Soap International was founded in 1987 to provide customers with superior service and high quality products. Our story began in the small rural town of Lexington Missouri with an idea to produce cost effective cleaning products that were comparable to the best quality found anywhere.

Since then Ultra has grown exponentially and has become a world-class leader in facility maintenance solutions. For 30 years now we have been manufacturing highly effective cleaning products.

Our mission is to help people achieve world-class standards for their commercial cleaning processes. We manufacture and supply quality products that ensure you meet the high standards you’ve set for your facility. We know that you only have one chance to make a first impression on your customers.


At Ultra Soap International we know what businesses need, and our formulas help meet the needs of industries including foodservice, facilities maintenance, industry, hospitality, healthcare, and education. Our scientifically designed formulas are the solution to your commercial cleaning challenges.