Dilution Control

OPL Advantage SV Laundry Dilution Center

OPL Advantage SV

SEKO is the world leader in commercial chemical dosing systems. By combining their industry leading innovation with precision manufacturing, SEKO has created the OPL ADVANTAGE. Regarded as the most technologically advanced peristaltic pumping system available today, the OPL ADVANTAGE offers guaranteed reliability and accuracy that is second to none. For use with Ultra Professional™ Commercial Laundry products.

Ultra Professional™ Dilution Center


The Ultra Professional Dilution Center is more accurate, and more economical than other chemical concentrate dispensing dilution centers. Our wall-mounted dispenser accurately dispenses our concentrated products into bottles, buckets, or floor care machines.


Our super concentrated products, combined with the ease of use of the Ultra Professional Dilution Center, simplify mixing and eliminates over use and waste. Safety is assured because there is virtually no contact with chemicals, no spills, and no leaks.


Using our super-concentrated products, you no longer mix chemicals by hand. You will store less inventory, and have less packaging waste.


For use with Ultra Professional™ facilities concentrated products.


Seeing is believing

Let us prove it to you

We know you have many choices when it comes to commercial laundry products and seeing is believing. Let us prove to you that our economical formulations deliver the cleanest, whitest, and softest results possible. Schedule your on-site demonstration with us today because your customers’ satisfaction means you can’t afford to wait.